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Company history


A company with the name ARTYPA was founded in 1946


by Frantisek Sklar and the name of the company is derived from the three Latin words – ARS, TYPUS, PAPYRUS – art, print and paper. Production programme at that time consisted of producing small volume of folding cardboard boxes, labels for laminated board, children pop-up books, fairy-tale books and also reproductions of Walt Disney cartoon characters. All the packaging products achieved high graphical standard, smart colour scheme and overall quality since the very beginning.

Artypa had undergone some organizational and production changes throughout the years of its existence.

Due to changes in ownership in the turbulent and significant year of 1989 two companies with headquarters in Holubov emerged. Artypa Holubov Ltd. and Artypa Sykra Ltd., that played a vital role during the privatization process.

All production and marketing activities were taken over by a company now named Artypa Holubov on January 1st 2004.

It concentrates mainly on printing and processing packaging and folding boxes from carton board, cardboard, corrugated board, including polygraphic production, production of thermoformed cardboard cheese boxes, posters and catalogues.

All Artypa companies merged into one on January 1st 2007 and formed Artypa Holubov Ltd.

Artypa Holubov Ltd. sold 100% of its market shares to Grafobal Skalica, joint stock company on 5th December 2007 and a subsidiary company Grafobal Artypa Ltd. thus emerged. After the acqusition by Grafobal Skalica, joint stock company significant investments are continuously made, primarily into new modern technologies, new production areas and IT.

Fusion of Grafobal Artypa Ltd. and Grafobal Slany Ltd. from January 1st 2011 formed unified and strong subsidiary Grafobal Skalica, joint stock company operating on the Czech market from its Holubov headquarters.

The last significant change concerns a new name of the subsidiary, which is now GRAFOBAL BOHEMIA Ltd.

 Significant company milestones:



commencement of former ironworks ruins reconstruction


creation of ARTYPA company, the founder František Sklář created the name by connecting 3 Latin words ARS, TYPUS, PAPYRUS - art, print, paper


nationalization and takeover by national company Jihočeské papírny in Větřní


Artypa state enterprize ceasing to exist and acqusition of activities by Artypa Holubov Ltd. and Artypa Sykra Ltd. that played a vital role during the privatization process.

1996 - 1999

two companies gradually formed within this time period – Artypa Quatro Ltd. and  Artypa Vikra Ltd. sharing common activities


all companies of the Artypa Group merged into a single company Artypa Holubov Ltd.


GRAFOBAL, joint-stock company buys 100% of market shares of Artypa Holubov Ltd. and Grafobal Artypa Ltd. emerges towards the end of the year


Grafobal Artypa Ltd. merges by fusion with Grafobal Slany Ltd. with headquarters in Holubov and GRAFOBAL BOHEMIA Ltd. thus emerges


another fusion of GRAFOBAL BOHEMIA Ltd. and Grafobal cz, Ltd. Hodonín - with headquarters remaining in Holubově.