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Cardboard products of up to 200g/m2 surface weight.

  • labels for wet and dry processes and ALU labels
  • self-adhesive labels with or without splits
  • business cards, invitations, stationery
  • promotional materials, calendars
  • posters - shaped and small volume


Main products in this range are formed by production of labels, which can be cut out or die cut and are mainly used for labelling processed cheese, beer, wine, spirit and non-alcoholic beverages bottles, chocolate wrappers or soft cigarette boxes.

We offer a wide range of other polygraphic products, including for example: catalogues, posters, business cards, promotional materials, invitations, calendars, promotional bags, wrapping papers and other items.

This wide sortiment is produced using all the various technologies the company is able to provide. Shaped die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, non-standard folding and gluing are often used alongside quality printing and surface finishing with UV varnishing or laminating.

Paper folder machine and gathering machine with V1 binding unit are used especially for producing advertising materials and stationery.


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