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Conventional varnishing, UV


Varnishing is used to increase the attractiveness of the design of whole or part of a package, or another printed product. At the same time it protects the surface against damaging or it can provide special features such as anti-slipperines, resistance to moisture, grease, and high or low temperatures.

The dispersive varnish is normally applied online in conjunction with a multi-colour printer directly on the last unit of the offset machine. This method is also used for the application of varnishes specially developed for food packaging.


We use high-gloss, matt, special effect (velvet, gold, silver, pearly varnish, or iridescent) types of varnish. We are able to achieve very interesting effects particularly through the right combination of varnishes used.

UV varnishing creates a strong, transparent film on a product which attains an unusually bright shine, up to 40 percent more intensive than can be achieved with classic varnishes. The products are much better protected against surface abrasion and scratching and are recyclable which is an advantage in comparison to laminated products which are not.

UV varnishing can be performed online or offline, with a sheet dimension of up to 740 x 1060 mm.

Partial or whole surface varnishing is carried out on the offset machines.

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